Tomorrow is Monday

Tomorrow is Monday. I don’t’ want to dread that, but I am. I want to get to a point in my life where Monday’s naturally incite joy and not weariness. I think I’m on my way to getting there. I’m on my way to grasping and understanding the value of my own thoughts and words. Our thoughts and words hold power. They have the power to help us get in the right frame of mind or the wrong frame of mind. For me, often, I tend to naturally form the wrong frame of mind. I do have my moments of pure optimism and positivity, but they seem to be too far and in-between anymore.

No matter how I feel or what any given situation looks like, the reality is, God is at work whether I feel it or not. He is moving in ways I will thank Him for later. Or thank Him for now. He’s moving pieces around for my good. Pieces I can’t see. Some pieces I can see. I’m getting to a point where I don’t have to talk myself into believing it anymore, because I do believe it. Thinking the right kind of thoughts and believing that God’s hand is at work in my life doesn’t always make the in-between times easier, but I think it can if I allow it to.

I have hopes and dreams for my future Mondays that don’t involve a cubicle, a corporate job, or dread. I hope to write a book or maybe two. I want to create a space where I can not only become creatively and financially satisfied and successful, but I want to reach the heart and soul of people as well. I hope to inspire, to empathize, to encourage. I hope to make people laugh and make people think. I hope to relay messages that showcase Jesus and grace and goodness. I hope to work in music. I hope to one day write a song or two or three or as many as I can. I hope those songs will be heard and enjoyed. I hope to travel to here and I hope to travel to there. I hope to see the Eiffel Tower sparkle at night. And when I come home, I hope to own a little piece of land to live on with a few baby goats, dogs, and cats where I can’t hear my neighbors and can barely see them.

Tomorrow is Monday. Will I let these hopeful thoughts and dreams die their natural death because I am not actually living them, or will I let these hopes fuel me, knowing I’m one day closer to them—or to whatever God has in store for me?

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